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Hello, my name is 

Wing-Hong Chang.

I am an Architect that has transitioned into the field of User Experience Design (UX). My journey into UX started when I overheard a friend of mine talking about how flight booking websites have terrible user experiences. As I discovered and dug deeper into the topics of human-centred design and UX, I wanted to learn more. 


I realised that I had the soft and hard transferable skills from my previous roles as an Architect, Visualizer & Tutor. My strong passion for design, project management skills, and teamwork & problem solving abilities could be applied to UX design. I enjoy the process of understanding my users and building an end product to help with their needs.


My projects


NFT De-Fi Marketplace Website

Banjo Robinson

Engaging parents to personalise their child’s letter for Banjo Robinson


Booking a basketball court with GoBask mobile app

Santander Cycles

Making an enjoyable cycling experience with Santander Cycles 

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Past projects


Architecture Projects

— from previous work experience and university

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